Thursday, May 30, 2013

WSPTA to Senate: Fund education before reducing revenue

To: Senate Ways and Means Committee
Re: May 31 public hearing on SB 5939, Concerning the estate tax; WSPTA opposes

Dear Chairman Hill and committee members,

A year and a half ago the Washington State Supreme Court clarified “paramount duty” as the state’s “first and highest priority.” That duty is to amply fund education for all children living in Washington.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Why Washington State PTA supports revenue

Note: The following letter was sent to all legislators.

TAKE ACTION: Stop Delaying on Basic Education (Armchair advocacy! Just click, send and share)
Charting the decline: Washington ranks 28th in per pupil spending, but 46th when measured as spending per personal income, meaning working- and middle-class families contribute more as a percentage of their income. In 1991, the range was more equitable. Washington ranked 17th in per pupil spending nationwide and 24th when measured by personal income.
Skills reality check: In the field of STEM: There are 2.1 jobs for every unemployed person. In non-STEM, there are 3.7 unemployed people for every job.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Still asking: Make the hard choices

NOTE: The following letter was sent to all state legislators as the 2013 special session got underway. Once again, the regular session ended with no operating budget and no shared vision for phasing in basic education spending, despite a court order. Fully funding 2009's HB 2261 (part of WSPTA's top priority) would satisfy the court. The Senate Majority and Gov. Inslee both held press conferences Monday, May 13. Links are at the end of this letter.

TAKE ACTION: Stop Delaying on Basic Education (Armchair advocacy! Just click, send and share)