Saturday, October 19, 2013

Legislative Assembly 2013 - UPDATE

PTA advocates from around the state came together at the SeaTac Marriott this past weekend for WSPTA’s Annual Legislative Assembly for advocacy training and to consider issues proposed by PTA members to be added to the list of issues supported on the WSPTA’s legislative platform.  In addition, it was also well attended by legislators and representatives from other agencies as we work to further our collaborative efforts for children.

As the second year of a two-year platform, the top priority issues will remain the same as last year. (Click here to view the top priority issues for 2012-14.) However, delegates voted to adopt the proposed amendment to the current supported issue of Access, Opportunity and Equity for Special Education (as presented in the Issue Guide) and add to the list of supported issues: English Language Learner Students (as presented in Issue Guide); Sufficient and Equitable Funding for Highly Capable Programming (as presented in Issue Guide); and Background Checks on Gun Purchases (as amended to:  "The Washington State PTA shall initiate and/or support legislation or policies that extend criminal background checks to the purchase of guns from non-licensed sellers.") Click here to view the Issue Guide.

New and amended resolutions were debated and approved. These were: Access to General Education for Students with Disabilities (as presented in the Issue Guide); Allergies and Asthma (as amended to replace all mentions of "epipens" to "epinephrine delivery" in resolved clauses); and the proposed amendment Funding Basic Education (as presented in the Issue Guide).