Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hi advocates,

More food for thought (and not revenue, this time) … Wash State PTA is part of the state’s Teacher/Principal Evaluation Pilot oversight committee. At the committee’s last meeting, the Measure of Effective Teaching project was cited. I found the project’s website site interesting and thought you might as well. I particularly like that it looks at the substantive nature of teaching – not just test scores.

Here is the general website:
Here is a “white paper” on the project:
Here is a brief explanation of the project:
“Current measures of teaching rarely take into account the full range of what teachers do, or the context in which they teach. The Measures of Effective Teaching project is different. It's informed by the real work of real teachers in real classrooms. It goes beyond the exclusive use of student assessments as a proxy for effectiveness and, instead, is geared to developing a set of measures that together serve as an accurate indicator of a teacher's impact on student achievement.”

Improving evaluations is a key part of Senate bill 6696, and implementing recent reform legislation is our No. 1 priority. (HB 2261 – basic ed funding, including new program for basic education; HB 2776 - phase in 2261;  HB 6696 – accountability; evaluations; parent/community involvement).

Our state evaluation pilots are still in the early stages, but some intense conversations are happening. As I learn more, I’ll share where the pilots are with this critical work.

Ramona Hattendor

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