Friday, March 2, 2012

Budget slashes programs for kids

UPDATE: New Senate budget passed 25-24 at 12:47 a.m. 3/3/2012
From here, Senate and House will negotiate differences in respective operating budgets

This afternoon I had good news on the supplemental budget. Senators put kids first. No cuts to education – and better yet, they did this without further cuts into programs that keep kids healthy and safe. Ways and Means was set to vote on the budget Saturday.

Then senators swapped the budget. They are now set to vote on a budget bill that cuts education, cuts public supports that families rely on, and eliminates an entire food assistance program. It also slashes the Office of the Education Ombudsman.

An Action Alert has been set up. All members are encouraged to contact their legislators. Washington State PTA advocates for children's well-being and education. 
2/28 Senate budget agency detail


Office of the Education Ombudsman: -$320,000 (Entire OEO budget is only $547,000 annually)
K12 cuts (in thousands)
K12 National Board Bonus: -$17,738
Other Savings: -$11,793
Running Start: -$8,356 
Readiness to Learn: -$3,235
Navigation 101: -$2,808
School Based Medical: -$2,770
PASS Program: -$1,500
Beginning Educator Support Team: -$1,000
School For Blind & CCDHL: -$693
 K-3 Class Size Reduction*: 0 from current; -$32,300 from earlier Senate budget
(* relies on closing 2 tax exemptions)
Other Increases: $248
Teacher Evaluation Systems: $5,767
K-12 Education Total -$43,878
Other human services (in thousands)
TANF/WCCC Savings & Other Changes: -$202,000
Essential Needs & Housing: -$42,565
State Food Asst Program: -$13,884
HEN Under Spending: -$10,393
ESA, Staffing: -$8,094
Childrens, Contracted Services: -$6,721
Childrens, Caseload Ratios: -$6,463
DL/ADATSA Treatment: -$5,101
Childrens: Other Savings -$5,031
DASA, Other Savings: -$4,957
DL/ADATSA Incapacity Exams: -$4,685
Other Savings, -$1,820  
Childrens, Child Welfare Prgms: -$809
Other Increases: $1,240
Other Human Services Total: -$311,283

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