Thursday, April 5, 2012

House is expected to vote on its revised budget

Please contact your legislators and let them know if you support-
Highlights (viewed through the PTA filter):
  • Continues to make no reductions to K-12, early learning or higher education
  • Continues to fund programs that keep kids in school and on track
  • Funds WaKIDS implementation
  • Funds transition into new teacher and principal evaluation system
  • Still cuts the Office of the Education Ombudsman, but keeps reductions to 5 percent
  • Fully funds Apple Health for Kids, including funding to help enroll more eligible kids
  • Rejects additional cuts to State Food Assistance
  • Makes no cuts to cash assistance, and
  • Protects and improves Working Connections Child Care
It also:
  • No longer assumes $330 million in savings from delaying K-12 apportionment payments
  • Makes a $238 million adjustment to the working capital reserve on the balance sheet (suggested by the governor and state treasurer)
  • Leaves $336 million in reserves.
Criticism from some in the Senate includes:
  • Doesn’t leave enough money in reserves
  • Uses one-time money to meet on-going needs
  • Doesn’t go far enough in terms of reform

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