Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In their words: Kids focus on funding

“We, the future of America, need you to care about paying for our schools and teachers.”

 Students shoot video clips to focus attention on school funding

Here is what the adult volunteers asked at this year’s Focus Day in Olympia:
  • Refocus Olympia on our youth. Pay for basic education and fully implement the K-12 funding plan adopted in 2009 (House Bill 2261)
  • Support children in their foundational years (up to grade 3)
  • Meet students where they’re at and align resources to their learning needs
  • Prepare teens to transition into work, college or training, and pay for a full six periods (for all kids) in middle school and high school
  • Stop practices that drive kids to drop out, and adopt proven ones that keep kids in school, learning and thriving
  • Attract, prepare, and support educators; hold districts accountable; and partner (truly) with families and the local community
  • Make education paramount and raise stable, ample revenue for both schools and programs that keep children healthy and safe

Here’s what the kids had to say:
There are no art classes (unless the PTA pays). .. We need help getting to and paying for college. … Teachers need to be paid more. Classes are overflowing. …
“The question isn’t what impact it would it have on me if I couldn’t go to the necessary classes to graduate and attend college, but what impact that would that have on you, on society.”
Many thanks to students in Everett, Bothell and Kirkland for sharing their thoughts and speaking up for all children.



Many thanks to the legislators who took time to share their insights and listen to what we had to say.

Small-group discussion/K-12 funding:
  • House Appropriations Chairman Rep. Ross Hunter
  • Senate Ways and Means Chairman Senator Andy Hill

Small-group discussion/policy (focus on opportunity gaps)
  • House Deputy Majority Leader for Education and Opportunity Rep. Marcie Maxwell
  • House Education Chairwoman Rep. Sharon Santos
  • Senate Early Learning and K-12 Education ranking member, Senator Rosemary McAuliffe

Rotunda speakers:
  • State Superintendent Randy Dorn
  • House Majority Leader Rep. Pat Sullivan
  • Senator Majority Coalition Leader Senator Rodney Tom
  • House Majority Caucus Chair Rep. Eric Pettigrew
  • Senate Ways and Means Chair Senator Andy Hill
  • House Appropriations Chair Rep. Ross Hunter
  • House Deputy Majority Leader for Education and Opportunity Rep. Marcie Maxwell
  • Gov. Inslee's chief of staff (and former Renton schools superintendent), Dr. Mary Alice Heuschel

Thanks also to the legislators who participated during the day: Rep. Chad Magendanz, Rep. Steve Bergquist, and Senator Bruce Dammeier.


Action Alerts sent so far this session: 5,346

Please, encourage members to engage with their legislators. Click here for current alerts.

- Ramona Hattendorf, Government Relations Coordinator, Washington State PTA

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