Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Good afternoon,
Two stories are hitting the top of the E-Wire this morning.  The first is the passage of PTA supported House Bill 2797 which cleared the House with a massive 90-7 majority less than an hour ago.  PTA members have been successfully burning up the wires for the past three days in what was one of the largest grass roots efforts we have initiated over the past three years.  Responses from legislators ranged from pleased to shocked.  To quote one, “Where did all those people come from?”
Good job people – your efforts paid off – now it moves to the Senate. 
The OTHER big news of the day is our SNOWPACK is ranging from 105-132% of normal which means we have cleared the threshold to avoid drought situations in Washington State for this year.  Going into January, we were concerned that this would be a bad year for our farmers, fish, and families.  (Farmers need water for crops, Fish need water to maintain habitat, and Families need water for keeping Hydro based electric rates low.)  No longer a threat!  Happy days!
Onto the E-Wire!
Senator Andy Hill tried this idea to get Lobbyists to speed up their testimony so that his committee could hear all bills and exec them before cut-off.
Education Lab Blog from the Seattle Times gets it, why doesn't anyone else?
So much for that idea.
This is a growing problem.
With all the challenges we face in Washington, moving ahead with judicial understanding for mental health patients is a good thing.
As we stated earlier, the waiver debate will resolve itself…
Taking STEM to Middle School
Today’s magic number is 3.5 which is the average amount of homework High School Students are assigned.
From Our Friends over at WAPO – a look at cool graphs that explain America.
Enjoy folks – look for a new message for you to share with your legislators soon about Education funding!
The E-Wire is written by PTA Legislative Staff and edited by Legislative Director Sherry Krainick.  Have a question?  Post below or write us at PTALEGDIR@wastatepta.org!

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