Friday, October 9, 2015

SBE Community Forum at ESD 112 in Vancouver

The State Board of Education will hold a board meeting November 4-5 in Vancouver. Public comment is scheduled during the board meeting, but the Board recognizes that those times may not be convenient for working community leaders, so we're holding an additional open forum to gather feedback from members of the community. 

Please join board members for an open discussion about important topics such as strategies for closing the achievement gap, standards, and assessment. The community forum will be November 3 at ESD 112

If you are unable to attend the public comment or community meeting, we are happy to respond to any written questions you may have about the board and its work. Currently, the Board is working on important issues impacting the achievement index, school accountability, graduation requirements, and student discipline.

Board members appreciate the opportunity the community forum provides for close conversations with members of the community and educators. We hope you'll be able to attend. Register here.
Stefanie Randolph
Communications Manager
Washington State Board of Education
(360) 725-6501

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