Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Quick Survey from National PTA on Education Issues

National PTA President Laura Bay requests your participation in a Department of Education online survey (it’s only 5 questions!) on the most pressing educational issues (as you see them) and how the US Department of Education’s Comprehensive Centers can provide assistance to address those issues.  

The Comprehensive Centers program is authorized by Title II of the Educational Technical Assistance Act of 2002 (ETAA), Education Sciences Reform Act (ESRA) of 2002. The Department of Education funds these Centers to provide technical assistance to State education agencies (SEAs) that builds SEA capacity to: support local educational agencies (LEAs or districts) and schools, especially low-performing districts and schools; improve educational outcomes for all students; close achievement gaps; and improve the quality of instruction. 

Please complete the online survey at your earliest convenience. The survey closes on Thursday, August 18.


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