Friday, October 7, 2016

Supreme Court Announces Decision on McCleary Lawsuit

The Supreme Court announced yesterday that the State had failed to submit a complete plan for achieving full compliance with its constitutional duty to Washington students, and therefore ordered that it would not lift the $100,000 a day contempt sanction. However, the Court did not order additional penalties at this time.

The order was signed by 7 of the 9 justices, and was written by Chief Justice Barbara Madsen. Justice Wiggins issued a short concurring opinion about why he supported continuing the contempt sanction, while Justice McCloud disagreed with the majority and said the fine should be lifted. 
The Court said that “the State has until September 1, 2018, to fully implement its program of basic education, and that the remaining
details of that program, including funding sources and the necessary appropriations for the 2017-19 biennium, are to be in place by final adjournment of the 2017 legislative session.”

Here's the link to the 22-page order, concurrence, and dissent.

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