Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lab schools, charter schools get House hearing

Dear advocates,
The charter discussion continued in the House Education Committee today. I strongly encourage you to watch the TVW video:

Eloquent, thoughtful comments on both sides of the charter issue, especially from the bill’s primary sponsors, Rep. Pettigrew and Rep. Anderson. Beth Sigall spoke to WSPTA adoption of the charter school proposal at our October legislative assembly.  I provided written testimony on behalf of the association.

The first third of the video discusses HB 2606, which would establish laboratory schools where universities and local school districts would partner to work in specific high needs schools.

Meeting documents:
HB 2606 bill analysis
HB 2606 text  (Creating the laboratory school partnership program)

HB 2428 bill analysis
HB 2428 text
(Establishing alternative forms of government for certain public schools)
Summary comparison of charter school bills, 2012's and 2004's (reversed by referendum).

Ramona Hattendorf
Government Relations Coordinator
Washington State PTA

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