Thursday, January 12, 2012

Reform bills introduced in House and Senate

Press conference
WSPTA statement on implementing new teacher and principal evaluations
Re: : HB 2427/SB 6203

Washington State PTA is proud to serve on the Teacher and Principal Evaluation Pilot Oversight Committee and is strongly supportive of the work underway to promote professional growth. We look forward to student-focused evaluations that give educators the feedback they need to progress from a beginner with basic skills to an experienced professional with distinguished skills.

We see these pilots as one step in an ongoing process to support educators and students.
In regards to bills that address implementation of a new evaluation system:
  • We are supportive of efforts that reinforce continued professional growth.
  • We are supportive of using evaluations to help guide staffing decisions.
  • We are supportive of using evaluations to inform individual professional development paths.
  • We are supportive of using multiple measures of student learning in the evaluations of teachers and principals.
At the end of the day we need to ensure all students are learning. These pilots have given educators the opportunity to articulate what makes a great teacher or principal, and what steps or actions would make them better at their craft. Our association is committed to seeing the new system transitioned into practice.
Newly introduced bills: HB 2427/SB 6203, “Implementing revised teacher and principal evaluation systems”
House Bill 2427: Representatives Eric Pettigrew (37th), Bruce Dammeier (25th), Fred Finn (35th), Glenn Anderson (5th), Tim Probst (17th), Deb Eddy (48th), Cathy Dahlquist (31st), Larry Springer (45th), Kathy Haigh (35th), Bill Hinkle (13th), Larry Seaquist (26th), Paul Harris (17th), Dean Takko (19th), Maureen Walsh (16th), Ann Rivers (18th), Reuven Carlyle (36th), Hans Zeiger (25th), Larry Haler (8th), J.T. Wilcox (2nd), Katrina Asay (30th), Mark Hargrove (47th), Susan Fagan (9th)

Companion Senate Bill 6203: Senators Rodney Tom (48th), Steve Litzow (41st), Steve Hobbs (44th), Jim Kastama (25th), Paull Shin (21st), Michael Baumgartner (6th), Joe Fain (47th), Andy Hill (45th), Curtis King (14th), Linda Evan Parlette (12th), Jerome Delvin (8th), Brian Hatfield (19th), Mike Hewitt (16th)
WSPTA statement on charter schools and transformation zones

CHARTER SCHOOLS: Nationally, PTA acknowledges public charter schools as one avenue to school reform and we have qualified support for them. Our focus is on ensuring they are well-managed, responsive to local need, and focused on working with families to meet the instructional needs of students. Fundamentally, charter schools need to be an asset to a community and welcoming to all students.

Charter success has been tied to certain state oversight policies. If introduced here, Washington State PTA will work to ensure the right governance structure is in place for student success.

TRANSFORMATION ZONES: Creating a state school district is a new concept for Washington and our association is assessing it. While we are strongly supportive of the intent to help struggling learners, we are hesitant to support requiring transfer of schools to learning management companies.

We need to think about this one.
We are supportive of the engagement component in existing law around required action schools, and implementation of that plan is part of our top priority (improving basic education and implementing reforms laid out in SB 6696)
In any accountability or intervention plan, we will work to ensure families are engaged in all decisions affecting their children, including how their schools are managed and run. We will also work to ensure that struggling students get the focused support they need to thrive, and that their educators get the support, feedback and flexibility they need to be successful.
Newly introduced bills: HB 2428, SB 6202, “Establishing alternative forms of governance for certain public schools”
  • House Bill 2428: Representatives Eric Pettigrew (37th), Glenn Anderson (5th), Fred Finn (35th), Cathy Dahlquist (31st), Deb Eddy (48th), Larry Springer (26th), Paul Harris (17th), Larry Seaquist (26th), Bill Hinkle (13th), Maureen Walsh (16th), Hans Zeiger (25th), Larry Haler (8th), J.T. Wilcox (2nd), Mark Hargrove (47th), Susan Fagan (9th)
  • Companion Senate Bill 6202: Senators Rodney Tom (48th), Steve Litzow (41st), Michael Baumgartner (6th), Jim Kastama (25th), Paull Shin (21st), Steve Hobbs (44th), Joe Fain (47th), Doug Ericksen (42nd), Andy Hill (45th), Randi Becker (2nd), Jerome Delvin (8th), Curtis King (14th), Brian Hatfield (19th), Mike Hewitt (16th)
OUR PRIORITY ISSUES: For information on our 2012 legislative platform, see Top 6 Issues and Other Positions
- Ramona Hattendorf, Washington State PTA
Government Relations Coordinator,,

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