Tuesday, February 21, 2012

HB 2127, House operations budget; feedback

Update: In this response I overlooked a cut to small high schools that would have indeed been significant to the students and staff involved. Fortunately that funding was restored in a later version of the bill. This budget proposal otherwise kept allocations the same for Basic Education, but made cuts to some education enhancement programs. - RH

To: House Ways and Means Committee
Re: HB 2127, House operations budget

Dear Chairman Hunter and committee members,

Improving and funding basic education is Washington State PTA’s top priority and we are heartened that there are no additional significant cuts to K-12 proposed in your 2012 supplemental operating budget.

Legally, basic education must be paramount, but targeted investments in early learning, K-12 reforms, juvenile justice, and school nutrition not only keep other costs in check, they help all children reach their potential. One additional investment to consider is support to implement new teacher and principal evaluations, SB 5895.

Washington State PTA encourages reprioritization and efficiency in state spending but will also consider endorsing additional revenue as needed to protect and promote children’s well-being. Please know that we will be engaged partners in making sure the state has fair, equitable and ample revenue to pay for education and programs that keep kids healthy and safe.

Thank you for your long, hard work so far and in the next few weeks.


Ramona Hattendorf
Government relations coordinator
Washington State PTA

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