Monday, February 13, 2012

Tell legislators: THINK KIDS

Dear advocates,

Children are the heart of PTA work. Help them out by sending a valentine on their behalf. It will help keep children’s issues front and center as the House and Senate move bills off the floor February 13 and 14.

Sample message is included in Action Alert. TAKE ACTION.

If you like, ask your legislators to support a particular bill. See list, below.

NOTE: Funding for K-12 education is on most advocates’ minds, but action on budget and revenue bills hasn’t picked up yet. Those bills have still to be heard in committee and it is not clear which, if any, might advance.
Bills in play – passed floor vote, moving on to other chamber:

ESSB 5715, Requiring adoptions of core competencies for early care and education professionals and child and youth development professionals. Passed floor vote. Moves to other chamber. CATEGORY: EARLY LEARNING

SHB 2608, Requiring the department of early learning to develop state early learning guidelines. Passed floor vote. Moves to other chamber. CATEGORY: EARLY LEARNING

2SHB 2170, Enacting the career pathways act. Moves to other chamber. CATEGORY: K-12 AND COLLEGE/CAREER TRANSITIONS

SHB 2254, Enacting the educational success for youth and alumni of foster care act. CATEGORY: K-12 AND COLLEGE/CAREER TRANSITIONS

E2SHB 2337, Regarding open educational resources in K-12 education. CATEGORY: K-12

ESHB 2586, Phasing-in statewide implementation of the Washington kindergarten inventory of developing skills. CATEGORY: EARLY LEARNING AND K-12 TRANSITION


SHB 1775, Encouraging juvenile restorative justice programs. CATEGORY: JUVENILE JUSTICE
Awaiting floor vote:

HB 2569, Implementing a voluntary quality rating and improvement system for child care centers and early learning programs. CATEGORY: EARLY LEARNING

2SHB 2448, Creating the high quality early learning act. Waiting on floor vote. CATEGORY: EARLY LEARNING

2SHB 2265, Creating the Washington works indicators work group. CATEGORY: K-12 AND COLLEGE/CAREER TRANSITIONS

2SHB 2538, School district audits. CATEGORY: K-12

SSB 5895, Regarding certificated employees evaluations. CATEGORY: K-12

SSB 5896, Implementing teacher and principal evaluations. CATEGORY: K-12

SSB 5234, Creating a statewide program for the collection, transportation, and disposal of unwanted medicines. CATEGORY: HEALTH, SAFETY, WELFARE

SHB 2263, Reinvesting savings resulting from changes in the child welfare system. CATEGORY: HEALTH, SAFETY, WELFARE

2SHB 2264, Concerning performance-based contracting related to child welfare services. CATEGORY: HEALTH, SAFETY, WELFARE

2SHB 2432, Promoting local intervention and prevention programs for reducing gang violence. CATEGORY: HEALTH, SAFETY, WELFARE
2SHB 2536, Concerning the use of evidence-based practices for the delivery of services to children and juveniles. CATEGORY: HEALTH, SAFETY, WELFARE

- Ramona Hattendorf, Washington State PTA government relations coordinator

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