Thursday, September 20, 2012

Early Issues Survey returns

Will the current No. 1 make the new Top 5?

Washington State PTA’s 2012 Issues Survey has been out a week, and the budgeting strategy of Fund Education First is in the clear lead – bumping out reforms to improve basic education and surging past calls to advocate for more money. In all, 18 proposals will go before delegates October 19-20 at the 2012 Legislative Assembly. Each of them came from members; and each cleared a committee review to ensure they aligned with our mission and vision and advanced PTA work underway. 

The survey is intended for outreach and feedback. It is not a scientific poll or a voting mechanism, but it does give insight into how PTA members feel about various ideas to support children and, mainly, it helps members connect and learn about issues that affect children's well-being and education. We hope all members take 5-10 minutes to tell us which proposals hit a chord. (Click here to take the survey.)


(You can read all the proposals at the WSPTA Legislative Assembly Blog)
  • 75 percent: Yes, a Top 5 priority
  • 70 percent “strongly agree” with the proposal; 20 percent “agree”
  • 69 percent: Yes, a Top 5 priority
  • 64 percent “strongly agree” with the proposal; 28 percent “agree”
  • 67 percent: Yes, a Top 5 priority
  • 63 percent “strongly agree” with the proposal; 30 percent “agree”
  • 65 percent: Yes, a Top 5 priority
  • 60 percent “strongly agree” with the proposal; 26 percent “agree”
  • 63 percent: Yes, a Top 5 priority
  • 51 percent “strongly agree” with the proposal; 36 percent “agree”
Results will likely vary as more members weigh in; just in the first week issues have come on and off the list of likely Top 5 contenders. Other proposals include:


How is the current No. 1 fairing?

Seventy-eight percent of early survey respondents approve or strongly approve of the proposal to improve basic education so all kids have the opportunity to graduate ready for college or career. But it is split 50-50 whether to make it a Top 5 issue. This position includes support for both education funding reforms from 2009 and system reforms put in place in 2010 that address school and district accountability, evaluations, educator preparation, college- and career-aligned learning standards, and family and community involvement in schools.

Ramona Hattendorf
Government relations coordinator
Washington State PTA

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