Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Take five for kids:
What should be on WSPTA’s 2013 platform?

What will help kids reach their potential? What should we take on this year? Take the WSPTA 2012 Issues Survey and let us know.

Are we doing enough for special education students? What can we do about racial and income equity when it comes to the opportunity gaps? Should we prioritize bonuses for National Board certified teachers? What should we do about funding shortfalls? (Raise revenue? Fund education first in the budgeting process?)

PTA volunteers work in classrooms and communities across Washington, but we also advocate in Olympia and within our school districts for policies and funding to support children’s well-being and education. Every June, members propose ideas they think the association should prioritize; and every October delegates from the PTAs gather to decide which ones to put on WSPTA’s platform.

But before they can vote, they need your feedback. Your opinion matters: It will help shape PTA advocacy for the next two years. But hurry – the survey closes Sept. 30.

Resources for you:
• Survey URL: Forward it to fellow members
• The Issues: Read them, share them. Find them on the Legislative Assembly blog
• Register for Legislative Assembly. Only delegates vote (talk to your local PTA president if you’re curious) but all are welcome to learn about the issues and network.

- Ramona Hattendorf,
WSPTA Government Relations

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