Thursday, January 31, 2013

Testimony - teacher development, school-age start

Testimony to House Education Committee

PRO - HB 1178, Authorizing alternative assessments of basic skills for teacher certification.
Signed in support. Aligns with WSPTA’s No.  3 position, Closing the Opportunity Gaps

PRO - HB 1252, Establishing the Washington K-12 online professional development project.
Signed in support. Aligns with WSPTA’s No. 5 position, Universal Access to Highly Effective Teachers

PRO - HB 1283, Changing compulsory school attendance requirements for children six and seven years of age.

Signed in support. Spoke briefly about problems with delaying school until age 8, especially given the importance of early learning. Re-iterated that earliest years were a transition period between home and school learning, structured and unstructured learning; but by first grade community expectations were that children were receiving formal instruction of some sort and that state law just hadn’t caught up to our K-12 system.

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