Friday, February 1, 2013

Testimony - epi pens and school safety

Testimony to Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education

PRO - SB 5104, Placing epinephrine autoinjectors in schools.
Sent written testimony. Aligns with National PTA 2009 Resolution: Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management in Schools 

Dear Chairman Litzow and Senators,
Nationally, PTA supports the development, funding and implementation of school emergency response plans including food allergy guidelines and anaphylactic kits on site including the school lunchroom as well as having staff members trained in allergy symptoms and prevention techniques. I believe the California PTA kicked off this effort; schools there can now buy kits.
Anaphylactic allergies can be fatal; with prompt treatment, however, prognosis is generally good. Accidental ingestion or exposure by children may occur most often at schools and daycares where children often consume two meals and a snack during the day, and in some cases a reaction may be the first sign of an allergy.
The bottom line is kids can be stung, or eat something, and a life-threatening reaction can occur for the first time. School staff needs to be able to respond immediately while the EMTs are on the way.
PRO - SSB 5197, Requiring additional safety features in school construction and remodeling.
Sent written testimony.  Aligns with WSPTA and National PTA advocacy around safe schools.

Dear Chairman Litzow and Senators,
Please don’t make requirements without providing funds, but please do help our schools install appropriate safety features.
NO POSITION on SB 5242, Requiring policies regarding assignment of certificated instructional staff.
WSPTA does not have an applicable position in our body of advocacy positions.

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