Tuesday, April 21, 2015

School Superintendent Randy Dorn Offers Fully Funded "Go-Home" McCleary Proposal

Citing the need to take the discussion on resolving the McCleary Lawsuit to a new level, State School Superintendent Randy Dorn introduced his plan to fully fund McCleary last week at a press conference in Olympia.  The proposal would extend the phase-in of McCleary to 6 years in order to leave time to recruit and train enough teachers and support staff to meet class size reduction requirements.  Unlike current plans on the table, the Dorn Plan funds class size reductions for K-12 and require fully funding teacher compensation at the state level.  His revenue proposal was rolled out in an additional press conference on Monday morning and is described below in a separate article.

PTA State Legislative Director Sherry Krainick attended the event and gave Dorn high marks for addressing the entire McCleary issue head on.  She was echoed by McCleary team lead Eden Mack who gave kudos to the Superintendent's proposal, but stopped short of full support citing the need to include increased capital funding to meet the class size reduction mandate.  For further review, here is the State Board of Education’s synopsis of McCleary, the video of the press conference  and the full proposal

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