Monday, December 12, 2016

WSPTA Leadership Roundup: Week Ending 12/10

PT Avenue will be down for major maintenance on December 27th and 28th.
You will not be able to access PT Avenue during this time.

December 9
Membership invoices are sent the 2nd Friday each month to presidents, treasurers, and secretaries. Please take time between now and when the invoices are generated by the system to check your membership roster for duplicates and erroneous entries. Once a member has been included on an invoice, staff is unable to delete them from the database. As a result, your PTA will owe payment for that person, regardless whether that person is an active paid member or an erroneous entry.

Interested in saving volunteer hours? 
Consider offering potential and returning members the option to join your PTA online via PT Avenue. PTAs can also save time processing memberships you enter by opting in for monthly direct debit of dues payments to WSPTA.

December 15
Only one week left of the Give the Gift of Membership Contest - how is your PTA doing? To help promote the contest and your members, use the following promotional materials (also listed on the Membership webpage). Items include:

Flier to send home to parents/guardians: color | b & w
Social media posts: content | .png
Gift tags for bulletin board: color | b & w

It has been brought to our attention that there is need of clarification on the student entry form, in regard to the portion about the gender of the student submitter, where only M/F is offered. This question is considered optional and is not a requirement in order for a student's work to be qualified.

From National PTA:
"This year, we’ve advised PTA leaders, in our trainings and support, to use the open space to mark 'not indicated' or write in how the student identifies or simply leave the question blank. By no means should a student be disqualified for writing “other” in this space on the form as Male/Female isn’t a requirement to participate."

Applications due 12/31

When making a reservation with Great Wolf Lodge, via telephone, please be sure to state the promotional code, rather than stating you are with PTA. By stating the code (or reserving online), it is the most foolproof way to avoid any issues.

Additionally, the offer may not be valid during holiday and blackout periods or combined with any other discount or offers. Additional charges may apply for themed and premium suites, weekends, and/or holidays.

Ask your PTA's leadership for promotion code - please do not share code with non-members or on social media.

Click here for more information about the program.

March 1
Local PTA and Council Awards of Excellence
Does your PTA/council follow best practices? Does your PTA/council have a website or newsletter that you are proud of? Does your PTA/council have a program or event that is absolutely awesome? 

If the answer is yes, to any of the above, your PTA/council is encouraged to apply for all applicable Local PTA and Council Awards of Excellence. Learn more here.

Men's Essay Contest - Men Making a Difference 
This statewide essay contest explores the important contributions men make in the lives and education of children - from a children's perspective. Learn more here.

One of our PTA members did not receive their membership card after we manually entered them into PT Avenue database. Can I resend their card?

Thank you for your question! Thank you for making sure that your members are able to take advantage of all the benefits WSPTA has to offer. Yes, whomever is assigned to manage your PT Avenue account (typically membership chairs and presidents) are able to re-send a membership card.

Note: Before re-sending a membership card, please verify that the correct email address of the member is listed in PT Avenue. Also have the member check their spam or junk folders.

From the PT Avenue Guide (page 31): 

How to Re-Send Membership Card (PT Avenue Guide, page 31).

Want to save time from manual entering membership data? Set up the Online Join feature within PT Avenue (page 21 of the PT Avenue Guide).

Thank you for making sure your officers and members
have what they need; it is appreciated!

Kathryn Hobbs
Executive Director
Email your questions here.