Tuesday, March 10, 2015

House and Senate in All Day Sessions until Wednesday Cut-off

As we enter the middle of the official legislative session, the House and Senate are meeting until late in the evening all this week and through cut-off on Wednesday.  Our PTA record for passing key legislation has been great so far - with our two Top 5 priority platform issues that had bills attached passing both houses this week. Both Breakfast after the Bell and Social & Emotional Learning had strong coalitions supporting them and our combined efforts helped put them over the top for the first round of legislative hearings.  

After cut-off, most legislators will be heading home for the weekend to host town halls.  When they return, hearings will resume on bills heard in the house opposite their origin.  In addition, the House is expected to release their budget near the end of the month and the Capital Funding / McCleary discussions will burst out into the open. Watch here for details on how our PTA will be shaping the debate on basic education funding!

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