Thursday, March 19, 2015

WSPTA in the Other Washington for National Legislative Convention.

While Washington State holds its annual legislative assembly in October, National PTA holds its Legislative Conference in Mid-March. This year, a delegation of WSPTA members attended the three day event and spoke with congressional leadership about issues concerning the proposed update of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (Currently known as No Child Left Behind) and expanding family engagement.

In addition to lobbying activies, the delegation took time out to present our own Senator Patty Murray with National PTA's Congressional Voice for Children Award.  Pictured below is incoming National PTA President and former WSPTA President, Laura Bay; Vice President Barbara Martin; Legislative Director Sherry Krainick; Senator Patty Murray; President Heather Gillette; National PTA board member and former WSPTA President Scott Allen, and Region 6 legislative chair Heidi Bennett.

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