Friday, March 13, 2015

Support Access to Student Vision Screenings

Kids do not learn to read from 20 feet away, and yet, with the current school requirement of only screening for distant vision, undetected near vision issues are missed which prevents kids from excelling in reading and their education.

The bill to provide near vision screenings to students in schools was voted out of the House and currently sits in the Senate’s Early Learning/K-12 committee.  HB 1865 updates the current school screenings by requiring near vision screenings in conjunction with distance and color blindness screenings.

Getting a hearing for HB 1865 in the EL/K-12 committee is the next step toward moving the bill to the Senate floor for a vote.  An email to committee chair requesting a hearing as well as contacting committee members  requesting their support would help get Washington kids the vision screenings they need for the educational success they deserve.

Sam Ames, Northshore School District Parent

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