Thursday, March 26, 2015

Senate Bill 6080 - Good Start - But Not Enough to Meet Student Needs

This week, PTA activist and McCleary team lead Eden Mack from the Seattle Council PTA joined us in Olympia for the hearing on Senate Bill 6080 which starts the conversation on how to fund additional classrooms in the wake of all day Kindergarten and class size reductions required by McCleary.  In her testimony, she thanked the committee for starting the process, but, as a parent and leader in the Seattle School District, highlighted that the proposal did not go far enough to satisfy the growing need for classroom space in Washington.

Her testimony and the follow up question and answer session between her, Senator Keiser, and Senator Honeyford is well worth the five minutes.  This is our PTA in action and it's great when members are able to take the time to let our legislators understand the real world implications derived from their bills. Testimony on SB 6080 starts at the 1:10 mark and Eden's testimony starts at the 1:39:40 mark. Check it out!

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