Thursday, February 20, 2014

E-Wire 2/20/14

Greetings from Rainy Olympia!!​

The E-Wire is down in Olympia coordinating with members on the Bullying Bill expansion which has a hearing in House Education at 11AM today.  Our Morning Crew handled the 8AM discussion about bond elections quite well, so we are looking forward to what this round of legislative testimony has to share.  Today’s team will be from the Lake Washington School District – Region 2 Director Jane Dulski and her son, Matt, will be testifying on behalf of the PTA.  Links for the hearing will be available when TVW puts them up.  While you wait, and while I await for Jane and Matt to step up to the plate, NBC Affliliate WFMJ has something for you.

PTA Member Jane Dulski testifying on SB 6439
 In case you missed it, here is the link to the Morning Crew’s presentation on lowering the bond election requirements here.

This being the second day after cut-off some of our legislators are going home early to prepare for Town Halls throughout Washington this week.  Need more information on where your legislator may be speaking?  Here is the expanded list

Teach for America “resistance” gets their own #hashtag and it ranks more popular than the #olympics. 

Representative Reuven Carlyle’s bill on piercing the economic veil of tax breaks makes the cut in the house

Bertha trips over cool stuff in her mission to dig the Seattle Tunnel

Vancouver School District has some pretty cool videos on alternative learning opportunities

More on the fallout from the teacher evaluation dust up in the Senate – and yes, even more.  My thoughts – everyone chill – they are going to figure this out.  However, there is this.

Senator King’s bill to allow for waivers for small school district 4 day school plan moves forward

The seduction of “Dead Poet’s Society

Merger challenges plague St. Louis Schools.

Fifth in the series from Kitsap Sun on School Discipline.

NEA Blasts states and school districts for “botched” Common Core rollout

Good teachers.  How to keep them?

Representative Orwall’s Suicide Prevention Bill moves forward in the Senate.

24 credit bill on the docket next week.  Here are some thoughts from a teacher at the successful Lincoln Center.

We still need to invest in Education and Higher Education.  Share your thoughts on McCleary with your legislator here.

Cya tomorrow!!

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