Thursday, February 6, 2014

E-Wire for Feb 5th 2014

Greetings folks,

Today is the day that the PTA staff breathes a sigh of relief after a successful Focus Day – and the legislature speeds up its action to get bills out of committee before the policy cut-off on Friday.

Two key occurrences today – the first was the CTE Bill, HB 2540, passed out of House Education on a party line vote.  One of the sticking points for Republicans was the inability to identify funding for some of the smaller school districts to provide the courses required in the bill.  Representative Dahlquist indicated that she would continue to work with the Chair and Vice Chair to come up with solutions.  We wish them well as this is a priority bill for the PTA.  The second major occurrence was the substantial agreement between Senators Dammeier and Rolfes that culminated in an omnibus bill presented for hearing today in the Senate K-12 Education Committee.  The bill addresses a series of fixes to bills before the Senators in committee and lumped them together under a broad title “Improving Student Success by Increasing Instructional Hour and Graduation Requirements.”  The bill had the following components:

                Postponed the 1080 instructional hour requirement
               Adopted the State Board of Education 24 Credit Requirement
                Gave districts the 5 day waiver for graduating seniors
                Incorporated HB 2540, the CTE Course Equivalencies that just passed the House earlier today
Two other bills of note were voted out of committee – the first being Senate Bill 5958 which seeks to improve transition for special education students and Senate Bill 5986 which would change the funding allocation of Forest Land Subsidies to allow for additional resources to rural schools in Washington. 

On a down side, the House Education Committee had to close before it ran through the list due to floor action.  As a result, several good bills died including the House version of the Paraeducator bill.  The good news is that the Senate version is still moving forward.

And with that – onto the E-Wire!

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