Tuesday, February 11, 2014

E-Wire for Today!

Greetings folks,

The Day has come.  The end is near for your bills that are stuck in House Appropriations and Senate Ways and Means.  Yes, at 5PM today, the Grim Reaper of legislation cuts a wide swath through Olympia and reduces the chance of many bills from moving forward.  Please note, just like “The Walking Dead” *season started Sunday!* some of these bills may come back to life, especially if they are determined to be necessary to implement the budget… if there is one.

Right now, however, it is a waiting game and we will issue a new list of bills that are on the Senate and House Rules Calendar tomorrow.  As we wait to hear, we have the E-Wire to keep you company.  Sadly, slow news day folks, not much today. 

Maybe I can sneak out to a few hearings and live blog from there if things slow down here?

Top Graphic of the Day:  Common Core – state of the states

New York Education Commissioner slows Common Core rollout for high school students

State Auditor’s office says Washington can do better managing Foster children caseload http://kplu.org/post/audit-wash-state-can-do-more-help-families-who-adopt-foster-kids with a follow up from John Stang of Crosscut http://crosscut.com/2014/02/11/Kidsatrisk/118702/how-state-can-help-foster-care-adoption-troy-kelly/

Representative Hawkins “Apple a Day” Nutrition bill becomes a field trip experience for his young constituents

Senator Baumgartner’s Tuition Bill (now study) needs to show answers says the Spokesman Review

More on Representative Hans Zeiger’s Social Impact Bonds

The Paul Allen Awards for tech teaching innovation

Snow Days – really don’t affect much apparently

More manufacturing jobs mean a change in efforts to train students for technical jobs in the workforce

Utilizing tech in low income schools to jumpstart achievement

The E-Wire is written by PTA Legislative Staff and Edited by Legislative Director Sherry Krainick.  Have any thoughts or suggestions?  Write us!  PTALEGDIR@wastatepta.org

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