Monday, February 24, 2014

Special Pre-Budget, Pre 6552 Hearing E-Wire!

Good Morning!

The town of Olympia is all a twitter about the Senate joint budget due to be released later today.  While the E-Wire holds his breath awaiting the release, feel free to catch up on the rest of the news this morning.  You may want to pay particular attention to the first and last article in the series.

In addition, the E-Wire will be joining several PTA Members in the House Education Committee today to review Senate Bill 6552 which is the Omnibus Education Reform Bill for this session.  There will likely be some amendments on this bill, so we will be watching closely.  More information after the hearing.

And there you go!

Top Story:  Legislators… pay attention.  Class size study reveals what logic dictates.  It matters.

Senator Jim Hargrove (Hoquiam) due to jointly present a bipartisan Senate Budget today.

Rep. MaryHelen Roberts announcing retirement.  A true champion for Kids.  She will be missed.

Lawmakers try to come to terms with McCleary.

When I was on the Pierce County Council, we talked of counties being the incubator of grand solutions to vexing social programs.  Then the market collapsed, now King County is leading the way back to where the conversation began with this.

I think we all knew this, the question being if we will do anything about it and if we do, will people use the leave when they need it.

A belated Valentine from the Washington Student Association for Representatives Pollet and Riccelli.

The E-wire asks the question – remember the initiative to make liquor cheaper?  Was this worth it?

Pushing STEM with STEAM

Larry Seaquist has town halls on Education.

Othello Schools Champion Ready for Kindergarten.

Representative Santos Omnibus Achievement Gap Bill died in the House, but some of her work has been taken up by individual districts like this one.

For teachers – how to write a recommendation letter for college.

Feds fund next round for “Race to the Top.”

Trust, but verify on school text book claims that they are aligned with Common Core.

The Anti-Testing Coalition Unites.

More challenges with LAUSD.

Farm Bill has some great things in it for student nutrition

Reuven Carlyle’s Bill championing openness on tax breaks faces daunting odds in the Senate.

Why Tim Sheldon voted for the Dream Act (or Real Hope Act).

And Finally – expect some movement on the Teacher Evaluation Issue fairly quickly – especially in light of this.  And to clarify that statement, Peter Callaghan.

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