Friday, February 28, 2014

E-Wire for 2.27!

Top Stories for 2.27.2014 include the passage of Omnibus Education Reform Bill 6552 from House Education Committee.  Meanwhile, over in the Senate, Kevin Ranker offers legislation that is designed to get us closer to McCleary.  Read about the proposal hereherehere, and here.
In other news, Governor Inslee signed the Dream Act.
Sometimes, well intended ideas have negative consequences.
What does the patriarch of “Duck Dynasty,” actor John Hamm, and Princess Diana all have in common?
A follow-up on the obesity rate decline among children.
Diversity across the nation to address the “summer learning loss” problem.
US Department of Education speaks out on Student Privacy Concerns.
State releases list of under-performing schools, but it’s not all bad everywhere… 
The governor and the legislature is working overtime to address the Teacher Evaluation Issue.
Great Op-Ed by veteran teacher Jim Strickland on special needs students and testing.
And, finally, the Spokesman Review evaluates the Senate Budget proposal.

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