Thursday, February 13, 2014

E-Wire - Special School Bond Edition!

Afternoon folks!

Representative Kathy Haigh (Shelton – LD 35)
shares a light moment with the Morning Crew
The E-Wire was watching House Action late into the evenings most of the week and tonight will be no exception.  This morning, our intrepid crew of Lake Washington, Vancouver, and Tacoma PTA Leaders came out in force with their children and families to support a real friend of Education, Representative Kathy Haigh in her efforts to allow school construction bonds to pass with 50% of the vote.  Many thanks to her and House Education Chair Sharon Tomiko Santos for holding the hearing! 

Heather Lindberg and Jason Rothkowitz testify in front of
House EducationCommittee *not pictured, but testifying are
Barbara Martin and Jennifer Boutell*
The PTA Morning Crew as they are now coming to be called *8AM hearing with our members coming from 100 miles away to testify* sat in front of the committee and each gave compelling testimony why majority should rule in bond elections.  Lake Washington, sadly, is coming up short in this last campaign and hearing the heartfelt testimony from Barbara Martin and Jason Rothkowitz on their razor close efforts really got the attention of the committee. 

PTA Sound Byte of the Hearing:  “The lines for the bathrooms at Lake Washington High School resemble  concert at Key Arena.” Barbara Martin, VP for WA State PTA

PTA Kid Moment in the Hearing:  Heather Lindberg’s daughters asking Chair Santos to say hi and “testify” at the hearing *she happily complied!*

After the hearing, the Morning Crew took a tour of the Capitol Campus with the E-Wire and got the chance to meet up with several legislators and key staff and lobbyists. 

So, the Morning Crew is looking for additions!  If you ever felt the need to have your message heard and testify in Olympia, let us know!  We still have a lot of bills that we are going to make a strong presence on – so join us!  Legislators prefer seeing real parents and families speaking to them on what their efforts in Olympia really mean to people at home.  E-mail us at for details!  And yes, tour included!!!

Speaking of connecting with your legislator, somewhere buried in your inbox may be a message to urge your legislators to support funding basic education as proscribed in HB 2261 and 2779.  If you get his wonderful item, please share with a friend as we are wanting to let our voices be heard this session, and this is just one more way to do it.

With that in mind, here is the E-Wire!

Speaking of Education Bills we will be seeing in committee soon

And yes, this is a real problem folks

Tough budget session all around – Senator Fain’s Foster Care Expansion Bill was a PTA Priority – hopefully we can make gains next session

Here’s an idea to consider

Finally, recognizing our veterans who wish to remain in our state – great job!

The E-Wire recalls being the only student in his High School to take the AP in History –

Now here’s an idea

Now, time for intermission – presenting Jessica Stella from Tacoma

Sad that most papers didn’t cover this – good news just doesn’t sell papers I guess

College Students regret not getting enough hands-on work experience before graduating -

Massive Open Online Courses or MOOC for short

Interviewing Kids on what they think the use of tablets are getting them in school

David Christian’s Big History Project

Yeah, if you don’t want to see people taking snow day announcements a little too far, please do not look here -

Honoring Mike Wierusz – innovative teacher from Northshore

A little bit of info on Rep. Drew Hansen’s Higher Ed Bill

If you scroll down here, you see that Foster Care in Washington receives an “F” grade

Teen Anti Tanning Bill moves forward

See you soon!

The E-Wire is written by PTA Staff and edited by Legislative Director Sherry Krainick.  Questions? E-mail us at

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