Monday, February 24, 2014

Some of the Key Bills PTA was following that have been or may be scheduled for hearings this week...

Here is the list of bills we have been following that are still alive as of this writing.  There are other  bills that we have worked with over the session, but these are the ones that are looking most likely to survive the latest cut-off.  Some of these bills have already had a hearing and others are either calendered or hopefully to be scheduled soon.  All policy bills must pass by Friday to survive the cut-off.

Bill ## with
Status link
Title / Description Status (Static 2.24) Hearing Scheduled
HB 2285 Representative Tina Orwall (SeaTac) Requires the Student Achievement Council to study school district policies on dual track courses and their availability and to make recommendations to the H.Education Committees of the Legislature.   Senate H.Ed Feb 20 1:30PM
HB 2373 / SB 6074 Senator David Frockt (Seattle) – Requires school districts to gather data and track homeless students, encourages training for teachers on how to recognize signs of homelessness among students.   House Bill in Senate Education / Senate Bill in Senate Rules Feb 19th 1:30PM
HB 2536 / SB 6444 Representative Zack Hudgins – Authorizes “breakfast after the bell” program – funding comes from Federal grant dollars.  See Attachment House Version in Senate Education / Senate version dead no hearing yet
HB 2540 / SB 6044 Representative Monica Stonier (Vancouver) - Creates a consistent set of rules for high school students enrolled in Career and Technical Education (CTE).  Allows for all students to get academic credit for CTE math/science courses. House Version in Senate Education / Senate version dead no hearing yet
HB 2553 Representative Eric Pettigrew (Seattle) - Authorized competitive grants to persistently lowest-achieving schools to implement family and community engagement models for the purposes of improving academic achievement.    Senate K-12  Feb 26th 1:30PM
HB 2610 Representative Jake Fey (Tacoma) - Directs the WA State Institute for Public Policy to develop guidelines for identifying rate of homelessness for children 0-10 yrs.  Study is for the purpose of determining how to create future child care supports for these families. Senate HSC  Feb 27th 10AM
SB 5958 Senator Rosemary McAuliffe (Bothell) - Requires that OSPI coordinate and establish inter-agency agreements with state entities that provide high school transition services for special education students. 
House Education Feb 24th 1:30PM
SB 6013 Senator Mark Mullet (Sammamish) – Makes technical RCW corrections to epinephrine autoinjectors rules.
House Education Feb 19th 8AM
SB 6064 Senator Steve Litzow (Mercer Island) – Directs the Washington State Institute for Public Policy to study how districts use school days and report to the legislature by Dec 1. 
House Education Feb 24th 1:30PM
SB 6081 Senator Bruce Dammeier (Puyallup) – Develops a competitive grant program for school districts to improve specialized STEM facilities.  Grant program is offered to Charter schools as well.
House Cap Budget no hearing yet
SB 6105 Senator Rosemary McAuliffe (Bothell) – Establishes guidelines for updating rules on digital technology in school libraries and encourages integration of digital into curriculum.
House Education Feb 19th 8AM
SB 6126 Senator Jeannie Darnielle (Tacoma) - Bill is similar to Representative Goodman's HB 1285 and requires children in dependency cases the right to an attorney.  Costs must be borne by the county of record with some reimbursement guaranteed by the state.   House Judiciary Feb 25th 1:30PM
SB 6129 / HB 2365 Senator Steve Litzow (Mercer Island) – Paraeducator Omnibus certification and development Legislation House Education /Senate Education Feb 19th 8AM - House / Feb 19th 1:30PM - Senate
SB 6163 Senator Andy Billing (Spokane) – Creates the Summer Knowledge Improvement Program to bridge the achievement gap - helping at risk kids not fall behind during the summer months.   House Education Feb 19th 8AM
SB 6242 Senator Curtis King (Yakima) - Removes expiration date for SBE to grant waivers from 180 school day for districts with less than 500 students, expands waiver for districts with less than 150 students House Education Feb 19th 8AM
SB 6383 / HB 2643 Representative Jessyn Farrell (Seattle) – Governor's Request Childhood Obesity Bill  Senate Heath Care Feb 24th  10AM
SB 6418 Senator Steve Litzow (Mercer Island) – Renames the Retooling to Teach Mathematics and Science Conditional Scholarship Program is renamed the Educator Retooling Conditional Scholarship Program.  Bill also provides that current K-12 teacher and persons with an elementary education certificate (EEC) not employed in positions requiring an EEC may receive a conditional scholarship to pursue special education, bilingual education, or ELL endorsements in addition to science and math endorsements.   House Education Feb 24th 1:30PM
SB 6431 Senator Jim Hargrove (Hoquiam) – Appropriates $430,000 to direct OSPI in developing strategies to address the high teen suicide rate in Washington.   OSPI is required to work with stakeholders to achieve this effect.   House Education Feb 20th 11AM
SB 6439 Senator Marko Liias (Edmonds) – Requires that all schools have a primary point of contact assigned to handling complaints regarding bullying.  Bill adds to the description of bullying to include emotional harm and requires that OSPI develop a statewide training program for all primary contacts.   House Education Feb 20th 11AM
SB 6499 Senator Bruce Dammeier (Puyallup) – Develops a joint task-force on local education financing reform with a re requirement that the board deliver recommendations by December, 2014.  Task force will investigate the use of local levies and equity issues in levy funding.  Any recommendations submitted must be supported by 6 of the 8 voting members (two from each caucus in House and Senate).
House Education no hearing yet
SB 6552 Senator Christine Rolfes (Bainbridge Island) - Omnibus Instructional Hour and graduation requirement legislation House Education Feb 24 1:30PM

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