Wednesday, January 15, 2014

E-Wire: 1/15/14

Hi folks!

The E-Wire is down with Sherry Krainick and Heather Gillette in Olympia today and while we were there a raft of education and child related bills made it on the introduction sheet.  More on those bills later – for now, time to look at what is hot on everyone’s minds down here…

Senate Democratic Leader Nelson applauds Inslee for offering a bold State of the State Address

Funding education was a centerpiece to his proposal

The Everett Herald praises the now “wide awake” legislative session

And Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn adds his thoughts

Showing some degree of bipartisan support, Senator Litzow and Representative Hunter join forces in support for high quality pre schools  Note:  With recent studies by OSPI showing that the achievement gap starts before children enter kindergarten, this is a good sign

T/PEP Bills are in Senate Early Learning K-12 Education Committee today

KUOW Piece on New Federal Discipline Guidelines

Indiana Governor Mike Pence hints that his state may drop out of Common Core entirely

The Cyber Charter Schools

Some States are looking into inspections into teacher training courses

Pre School Resources for Common Core

ELL Students face some difficulties with Common Core

I’ve heard about teaching to the test but this…

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