Friday, January 10, 2014

Part 3: E-Wire for 1.10.2013


Big Day coming – for now, here is the E-Wire

Courts want speedier action on McCleary and steps up the ante with the legislature

And Randy Dorn comes up with his answer

Supporters for Sunnyside Charter Elementary give testimony

How PinInteresting

Washington State Dental Association helps with Pediatric Dental Plans

Flu season hits Whatcom young adults hard

Harborview Clinic Closures

Students push for Dream Act

Computers as co-teachers

Innovative means of bringing STEM to Schools

Comparing the states with performance and improvement over time

The Importance of Breakfast for schools (Note:  Legislation in draft form underway this coming week in Olympia)

The benefits of technology hit the roadblock of inadequate infrastructure on the digital superhighway

The gap in providing AP Coursework in underserved areas

The appropriate role of school resource officers
School Board and discipline rules

New Wadorf School embraces Nature, not STEM (PAYWALL)

And finally, Tunnel Overruns – Senate Republican Leader Mark Schoesler says Seattle should pay - while “The Stranger” quotes House Transportation Chair saying ‘not so fast.’

 See you for the opening of the Legislative Session!!!!

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