Monday, January 6, 2014

E-Wire for 1.6.2014

Good afternoon!

The E-wire is down with Legislative Director Sherry Krainick making appointments in Olympia and meeting with our legislators.  The mood is quiet down here and for the first time in a long while, the Code Reviser’s Office isn't slammed the week before session.  This could be a trend, or it could be the calm before the storm on Friday at noon which is the deadline for bills to be introduced on the first day of the legislative session.  Time will tell, and we will check back with our friends at the Pritchard Library later in the week for an update.  No education bills have been released today, so onto the E-Wire!

Starting off, supporters of removed Eastside Catholic High School Vice Principal will rally again

Newly sworn in Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is expressing concerns about the cost overruns on the Seawall and waterfront redevelopments

California Officials missed their opportunity with Boeing

Gun Control proponents submit 95,000 more signatures for universal background checks

Premera Plans do not fully cover specialty pediatric care
Daily Olympian Editorial Board recommends support for paraeducator standards

Spokesman Review offers 2014 political predictions – tongue in cheek

And are optimistic about Inland Northwest job prospects in 2014

Non-profit “A Bite 2 Go” helps feed children on the weekends

Northwest Snow Pack is low giving rise to drought fears - meaning higher hydropower rates this summer and fall

The Washington State Wire asks the question “How Does the Boeing Machinist Vote Play This Session?”

Representative Liz Pike challenges Governor Inslee on minimum wage hike proposals

The personal toll of mental illness

Tacoma Child Abduction team is the state’s 1st to be federally certified under the new standards

Strict monitoring of repeat DUI offenders in Chelan County

Oregonian – Time before money at schools

Seattle Times Editorial on Targeting Education for 2014 Session

Advocates want to ID ways to help mental health clients

The Vacuum facing Higher Education for 2014

Will he or Won’t he?  Inslee on low carbon fuel standards

The legislature continues the discussion on the achievement gap in relation to disciplinary standards

A close up with Foster HS teacher Andy Giron

Advice for applying to college

The Atlantic answers the question as to how much we would have to pay to make public college tuition free

How to teach kids to be grateful?  Give them less…

The goal of universal proficiency

Colorado Teacher Evaluations in the first year

Surveys in Louisiana show fears of education quality declining

ACT, Inc to drop “Explore” and “Plan Tests”

Danville, Kentucky Superintendent leading away from standardized testing

Alternative Schooling

Washington State School Directors’ Association Names New Acting Executive Director

Seattle Times Education Lab Blog explores the cost of drop outs

Texas offers a look at life at a bookless library

Washington Post Columnist on Common Core – “Give it a chance.”

Alexandria, VA students push for suspension alternatives

And finally, from the Post, America’s Most Challenging High Schools

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