Wednesday, January 8, 2014

E-Wire for January 8th 2014

So a funny thing happened to the E-wire while we were down in Olympia meeting with legislators before the beginning of session.  That funny thing would be  slew of Education and PTA related bills (Educane?  Edupaloza? Eduquake?) were pre filed and released at the close of business yesterday.  This is likely to be happening over the next few days as legislators trickle down to Olympia in preparation for the 2014 Legislative Session which starts in a few days.

With that in mind, onto the Eduquake!

SB 5986 – Senator Doug Ericksen (Bellingham) – Changes the intent of Federal Forest Dollars to rural districts with a disproportionate amount of Federal Forest Lands.  This bill would now consider the money generated from the Federal Government as grants in addition to required basic education funding that the state provides.  At present, the money offsets the statutory baseline requirements for the district.   

HB 2158 – Representative Haigh (Belfair) – Establishes dropout prevention, intervention, and reengagement services as a core service of Educational Service Districts and tasks them with developing programs and partnerships to that effect.  The bill also would allow ESD’s to grant HS Credit for completion of courses eligible for credit from that program.

HB 2163 – Representative Paul Harris (Camas) - Bans the sale of dextromethorphan to minors under the age of 18 without a valid prescription.

HB 2165 – Representative Ruth Kagi (Shoreline) - Requires a child fatality review to be conducted by the Department of Early Learning if a child dies under the care of a licensed child care center or licensed child care home.  The results of the review will be recommendations to the legislature on licensing practices and policies to prevent such incidents in the future.

HB 2166 – Representative Kristine Lytton (Anacortes) - Requires OSPI to begin collecting data on school children in military families in order to track student achievement and incorporate best practices for educational success.

HB 2167 – Representative Kristine Lytton (Anacortes) - Technical Correction Bill – changes date of implementation by which schools identified as “challenged schools” are identified.

SB 5982 - Senator Doug Ericksen (Bellingham) – Limits late start and early release days to no more than 7 per school year.  Districts may apply for a waiver from OSPI for additional days, but will face a financial penalty.

SB 5984 – Senator Ericksen (Bellingham) – Bans the sale of children’s products or furniture which includes TDCPP.  Exempts non-profit organizations from casual or isolated sale or purchase of used materials containing TDCPP.

SJR 8212 – Provides that the change in salary from the salary commission can only take place if the budget is passed on time during the regular legislative session of the odd numbered biennial budget year.  Referendum Clause attached as it is a constitutional amendment.

HB 2164 – Representative Tina Orwall (SeaTac) - Adding a requirement for minors charged with possession of a firearm to attend aggression replacement therapy, functional family therapy, or other evidence based program.

The three new bills which Debbie Deibert & Co just released will be in tomorrow’s E-Wire.  With that… 

Onto the E-Wire!

Top story today is the retirement of a widely respected and beloved legislator, Senator Paull Shin.

Issaquah and Skyline High Schools are now offering an optional 7th Period

Eastside Catholic will “welcome” engaged drama coach

Despite the calls to arm teachers, most school districts are looking at other safety options

Challenges facing homeless students

Not earthquakes, nor floods, nor fires will stop students in most countries from doing their homework (Quite amazing photos)

Changing how we look at discipline

Portland School District offers budget toolkits for parents to participate in funding and spending discussions

As education goes more into the cloud, privacy concerns increase

Childhood Health – only 1 in 4 children meet the federal fitness standards

Should Principals stop visiting classrooms?

AFT President Randi Weingarten opposes using Value Added Measures for Teacher Evaluations

No Child Left Behind is 12

Early Childhood Education gets a look from Congress

Portland Schools expand access to Vocational Education Opportunities

Dual Language Schools in Hillsborough

Next Generation Ag

The costs of not insuring kids

Child Protective Services to try new format with Family Assessment Response

Medicaid enrollees in Washington a success, expanding those using private insurance?  Not so much

Freshmen lawmakers discuss priorities

Why open public records is a good thing

That’s it until tomorrow!

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  1. The article, ““ is particularly interesting as the Obama Administration released Federal discipline guidelines today. This makes the issue far easier to advocate for.