Thursday, January 9, 2014

Late Breaking E-Wire

Well folks,

We have another drop from our friends at the Code Reviser’s Office in Olympia.  The latest group includes:

SB 5994 – Senator Doug Ericksen (Bellingham) - A Common School Fund Charter Schools Fix.  The Superior Court ruling on Charter Schools placed some restrictions on capital financing of charter schools.  This bill would remove the obstacles that were highlighted in the decision.

SB 5997 – Senator Jan Angel (Gig Harbor) – Currently, Superior Court may ignore paternity DNA tests in paternity cases where the child has some established relationship with the male in question.  This option for the court would be removed and paternity would be denied in cases where a DNA test proves the male is not the father of the child.

SB 6002 – Senator Andy Hill (Redmond) – Senate version of the companion bill that Ross Hunter introduced in the House on appropriations.  This is the Governor’s Budget proposal.  Unlike the House, the Senate has not listed a hearing date at this time.

HJR 4213 – Representative Elizabeth Scott (Monroe) – Constitutional Amendment establishing term limits for the legislature of eight years for either house or both.  Members can be elected to the other house or return after a two year interim.

Expect a raft of these tomorrow….

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