Tuesday, January 7, 2014

E Wire for 1.7.2014

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Charlotte, North Carolina’s schools raise the bar in improving student achievement

No Child Left Behind Waiver States biggest challenges are with English Learners adjusting to a new language / culture

2014 is a banner year for legislatures making tough choices on Common Core

Iowa School Administrators offer ambitious plan to boost graduation rates

Vera Institute shows little effectiveness of zero tolerance rules

When all else fails to protect your child from bullying… restraining orders

Arapahoe Students return to school after shooting

Executive Director of National School Administrators Assn starts a blog

ESD in South Central Washington working to improve oversight of principals

The Atlantic Monthly urges you to nag your children on homework

Yakima School District reports back on success of winter lunch program

Mark Zmuda speaks out on his release from Eastside Catholic http://www.seattlepi.com/news/us/article/Gay-educator-says-marriage-prompted-firing-5117977.php and it’s about to get more interesting as another teacher comes out and announces engagement http://www.king5.com/news/cities/bellevue/Chair-of-Eastside-Catholic-board-resigns-238996821.html

Teen Filmmakers Wanted in Issaquah

Bellevue Representative Cyrus Habib gets top honors from Governing Magazine

Senator Billig gets Editorial Support for new Public Disclosure Legislationhttp://www.spokesman.com/stories/2014/jan/07/editorial-andy-billigs-plan-to-make-caign/

Tim Eyman threatening legislators – put 2/3rd requirement for tax increases on the ballot or else

Social Service funding shifting more to cities

Housing Access is also a concern

Community Colleges start offering more online tools

New laws for Epi Pens in Schools in Washington

Washington ranks 39th in states offering free breakfast to kids who otherwise go without

Will 2014 be the Year of the PreSchool?

Everett’s Madison Elementary given national honors

The Motley Fool says “Avoid Whatcom County” due to dropping wages

Senator Andy Hill comes up with an interesting incentive for legislators to get out on time this year

Neighbors to the South get a large ballot this year

Please Govern – a new political action committee asking Congress to… please govern

And finally, some must see legislative TV for you

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