Monday, January 13, 2014

E-Wire - 1/13/14 Afternoon Edition

Greetings folks,

The Legislature kicked off with a bang this afternoon starting with the House Speaker Frank Chopp issuing a political challenge to the Senate on Education Funding and urging support of the DREAM Act which passed the house this morning 71-23.  At 1:30, House Early Learning and House Education ran simultaneous meetings discussing issues that came up over the interim.  In House Early Learning – the focus was on a pilot program in Spokane known as “FAR” for Family Assessment Response.  This program is part of the Title IV waiver which allows the Children’s Administration to look at an alternative pathway to the traditional CPS investigative model.  Children’s Administration Director Jennifer Strus presented the update on the “FAR” approach which seems to be achieving some level of success.  I have attached her presentation above.

Over in the House Education Committee, members discussed the QEC Report presented by Representatives Kathy Dahlquist and Kristine Lytton; Two Presentations by the State Board of Education on the “health” of Education in Washington and Education and Efficiency Waivers; and finally, a report on deaf and hard of hearing interpreter standards.  All presentations are included above – for more information, I do have the official reports and can put them on the blog at a later date upon request.

The E-Wire has to run to House Appropriations…

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