Friday, January 31, 2014

E-Wire for Friday 1/31/2014

Greetings folks!

Today the House and the Senate are honoring our veterans by passing a series of bills that will improve access to services and make exemptions to ease qualifying veterans into college.

The House has a series of bills which are focusing on studying military children’s experiences in Washington Schools with the intent of following up with services if necessary.  They are also passing out legislation that would give our veterans credit for courses undertaken while in the military for licensing credential requirements and college course credit. 

The Senate, as promised by Senator Bailey yesterday, would remove the one year waiting period for veterans to gain residency in Washington.  This is a BIG deal for veterans who are wishing to make a commitment to remain in our community.  The bill passed the Senate last year, but died in the House Appropriations Committee.  Also not skipping a beat, the Senate is looking to win the Friday by passing out their version of the Dream Act.  It is up for consideration right now.  Here’s a few renditions on yesterday’s press conference *which the E-Wire joyously attended and took pictures!!

For more cool news – onto the E-Wire!

Top news for those of you filling out the long forms – Doc Hastings and Jim McDermott sent word to House Appropriations Committee urging them to extend the sales tax exemption credit on the Federal Income Tax filings.  The exemption expired on January 1st this year.

Former PTA Leader Representative Chad Magendanz is trying to crack this nut on college effectiveness in Washington with
he will have a challenge ahead of him – we wish him luck

Quillayute Schools try a new model in Anti-Bullying Program Models

The Columbian thinks the rift over McCleary between the Court and the Legislature might become nasty

The Feds are looking for a 50 state strategy for teacher equity

T/PEP Bill remains in Limbo in the Senate – House members press Feds for Waiver -

Poll shows many parents feel they have no influence with their local school board

Seattle to get State’s first Charter School

The Washington Post offers a contrarian view on Common Core

And finally, candy snorting – were not joking folks, it’s a problem – learn more here

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