Wednesday, January 22, 2014

E-Wire - 1/22/2014

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The E-Wire is mainlining coffee this morning and sitting in the House Education Committee Executive Session.  The following bills were voted out of committee (subject to signature, of course!).

HB 2017:  Changes the deadline for non-renewal contracts for certificated school employees.  This allows districts an extra month to send out the notices should the budget be passed in special instead of non-regular session.  Passed 19-0

HB 1709 – Requiring a study to develop a foreign language education interpreter training program. Passed 18-1

HB 1815 – Assuring that education related information is appropriately provided to parents with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  Passed 17-2.  No’s on committee were due to concerns with the underlying costs of the bill.

2SHB 1424 – Enhancing the statewide K-12 dropout prevention, intervention, and re-engagement program.  Third Substitute Passed 10-9 on a party line vote.  No votes were largely due to lack of a funding stream and Representative Dahlquist indicated future support if funding issues are resolved before it goes to the floor.  (PRIORITY LEGISLATION)

HB 2158 – Concerning dropout prevention, intervention, an re-engagement activities by educational service districts.  Substitute Bill Passed 19-0.  (PRIORITY LEGISLATION)

Onto the E-Wire!

Starting off, here is an article penned by the TNT this morning about one Robert Brown of Lakewood who has taken it upon himself to write most of the anti-levy ballot statements in South King and Pierce County for this upcoming election.

Senator Billig of Spokane on the Summer Brain Drain

Mom’s demand action on gun bills

A review of Thursday’s House Education Committee Hearing on the 24 Credit requirement by LEV

Updates on the impact on Education that the new Federal Budget is going to have.  Look here for STEM and here for Education in general

More on School Start times from Ohio

And in other local news, embattled Eastside Catholic President resigns

Also, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo introduces his Pre K Proposal which was met with a “not good enough” grade from New York City Mayor De Blasio.

The success of “Year Up, Puget Sound” program which is designed to help disadvantaged teens of color move into the job market

Low income schools in Richmond, California seeing success with “The Mindful Life” project

Paper is still king – but e-books are catching up

Chicago Schools are having problems compensating their teachers for the time needed to be effective – and this is a big problem

If you are going to close the opportunity gap in obtaining college degrees, you are going to need to increase scholarship and grant opportunities

And finally, something to ponder

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