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E-Wire for January 10th 2014!!

Greetings from E-Wire.

By this time on Monday, we will be knee deep in legislative session.  Because of the increased activity by E-Wire – we are going to post this in two segments.  The first will be a review of upcoming legislative hearings for the week of 1/13-17.  The second will be our regularly scheduled E-Wire!

E-Wire will now be reporting to you all things Education from the halls of the O’Brien and Cherberg Building.  Judging from published reports, the legislature will be very busy this coming week, so the E-Wire is prepared and putting together a review of pending Education and Whole Child Bills and a brief summary of the hearings scheduled this week.  In reviewing the hearings, we are seeing some themes for the week:

  • House Technology and Education Committees are looking into privacy issues this session
  •  T/PEP waiver fix bills are being heard in the Senate
  • Public Records Education and Management Bills seem to be gaining some speed
  • Efforts on Dropout Prevention will be discussed as how to best coordinate those additional services

Here is the full list!

Monday, January 13th
House Early Learning 1:30PM HHR C:  Family Assessment Response
House Education 1:30PM HHR A:  Standards and Assessments for Educational Interpreters or the Deaf:  Report from the Professional Educator Standards Board; Indicators of Educational System Health; Quality Education Council 2014 Report; Economy and Efficiency Waivers Report from OSPI
Senate Law & Justice 1:30 JAC Rm 2:  SB 5967 Modifying Mental Status Evaluation Procedures

Tuesday, January 14th
House Appropriations 3:30PM HHR A:  Governor’s Proposal on Purchasing Behavioral Health Services
House Government Operations 10:00AM HHR E
HB 2105 Promoting Transparency in Government by requiring public agencies with governing bodies to post their agendas online in advance of meetings;
HB 2121 – Concerning training public officials and employees regarding public records, records management, and open public meetings requirements
House Higher Education 10:00AM HHR A:  10 Year Roadmap for Higher Ed; Demographic Changes in Higher Ed; Employers’ needs for Higher Ed Qualifications
Senate Higher Education 1:30PM JAC RM 3:  Overview of Higher Ed Budget, Overview of WA State Institute for Public Policy Report on State Need Grant Program; Overview of student financial aid and access programs
Senate Ways & Means 3:30PM JAC 4:
SJR 8212 Restricting Changes in Salaries for Legislators;
SB 5988 Restricting the solicitation and acceptance of campaign contributions

Wednesday, January 15th
House Appropriations Committee on Education 3:30PM HHR A:  Update  K-12 Dropout Reengagement Program; Update on Technical Incentive Funding Model Task Force; Overview of Final Recommendations from Joint Task Force on Child Care Improvements in the Future
House Early Learning & Human Services 8:30AM HHR C:  WA State Institute for Public Policy “Effectiveness of Declining Juvenile Court Jurisdiction.”; Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiatives
House Education Committee 8:00AM HHR A
HB 2017 Changing the Deadline for notices of nonrenewal of contracts for certificated school employees
HB 2133 Maintaining Privacy of Student Educational Records
HB 1709 Requiring a study to develop a state foreign language education interpreter training program   
HB 1815 Assuring that education related information is appropriately provided to parents with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds
House Higher Education 1:30PM HHR A: Plans for Expansion to Meet Higher Education Attainment Goals; Public Baccalaureate institutions
Senate Early Learning * K-12 Education 1:30PM JAC 1
SB 5246 Clarifying the teacher and principal evaluation process with the intent of strengthening the process (NOTE:  hearing on proposed substitute)
SB 5960 Changing the requirements for the relevant multiple measures of student growth used in teacher and principal evaluations
Senate Law & Justice 1:30PM SHR 2:  SB 5967 Modifying mental status evaluation provisions
Senate Ways & Means 3:30PM SHR 4:  Governor’s Proposed Supplemental Budget

Thursday, January 16th
House Early Learning & Human Services 10:00AM HHR C: HB 2165 Concerning department of early learning fatality reviews; study session on overview of the Early Support for Infants and Toddlers program from the Dept of Early Learning and OSPI
House Education 10:00AM HHR A:  (Joint Mtg with House Health Care) Promoting Health for Students in Schools
House Education 11:00AM HHR A: Work Session on Expanded Learning Opportunities Through School and Community Partnerships
                2SHB 1424 Enhancing the statewide K-12 dropout prevention, intervention, and reengagement system
                HB 2158 Concerning dropout prevention, intervention, and reengagement activities by educational service districts
House Finance 1:30PM HHR A:  HB 2118 Concerning student parking fees collected by school districts
House Technology & Economic Development 8:00AM HHR B
                HB 2179 Regarding government surveillance conducted with extraordinary sensing devices
                HB 2180 Enacting the digital world privacy act
Senate Government Operations 10:00AM JAC 2:  SB 5964 Concerning training public officials and employees regarding public records, records management, and open public meeting requirements
Senate Heath Care 10:00AM JAC 4:  Work Session on Mental Health Care Integration
Senate Higher Education 1:30PM JAC 3:  Work session on Transitions to the Workforce and Academic Credit for Prior Learning
                Z-0701-1 Approving the workforce training and education coordinating board’s high skills high wages plan (draft bill)
                Z-0579-3 Relating to providing parity of consumer protection (draft bill)
                SB 5969 – Providing for awarding academic credit for military training
Senate Ways & Means 3:30PM JAC 4: Presentation on K-12 Capital Construction Issues

Friday, January 17th
House Higher Education 8:00AM HHR A: Work session on Plans for Expansion to meet Higher Education Attainment Goals including testimony from the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges; community and technical college presidents and representatives from the Independent Colleges of Washington
Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education 8:00AM JAC 1:  Work session updates on early learning and Home visitation
                SB 6013 Making a technical correction to school law governing the use of epinephrine autoinjectors (draft bill)

Next up – The E-WIRE!

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